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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 14, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: it is a parents' worst nightmare, a gunman opening fire on a kindergarten class in connecticut at an elementary school. 27 are dead. 20 are children. six adults. and the shooter.
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welcome, weres i am neil cavuto. today, newtown, connecticut, is if a state of shock because the unthinkable happened. a mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. here is what we know. there are conflicting reports over the exact identity of the shooter. we told the suspect's brother is being questioned. officials say his mother was found dead in connecticut. the father's body was found in new jersey. there are separate reports up to four weapons possibly involved including a rifle and two automatic weapons. the president visibly shaken by today's attacks. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and 10 years old.
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they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the following were also teachers and men and women who devoted their lives to help our children fulfill their dreams. >>neil: now the latest from newtown, connecticut. rick? rick: the governor of connecticut was here a short time ago and called this a tragedy of unspeakable terms that you can never be fully prepared for. remember, this happened over six hours ago. there is a lot of evidence still being processed. the crime scene is still very active. other scenes are now investigated, including the home of shooter's movie where an adult body was found and other residents in new jersey with
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conflicting reports of the status of the shooter's father and conflicting reports on the shooter himself. what we are told at this hour is that the shooter is 20-year-old adam lanza and his 24-year-old brother was taken into custody and questioned but that ryan at this point is not a suspect. we are told the shooter was adam, he had two weapons including an assault rifle and a 10 millimeter glock and he answered the school where the more was a teacher and began firing. police got 9-1-1 call. local police showed up and called in the state police. unlike columbine where the officers waited outside the hospital, in this case the officers immediately entered the school, searching if adults and children they could bring out to safety and that is exactly what they d they went in that school, the police say they found two rooms in the school in one area of the school where the victims everyone located.
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20 children two of them transported to a local hospital and died in the hospital and 18 children found dead inside the school along with six adults including the shooter and there is another adult they found in another location here in sandy hook. so, a very, very difficult situation. a crime scene that will take days to process and a lost questions remain unanswered. what we are told is the shooter's mother was a kindergarten teacher and the shooter went to the mother's classroom and shot the kids in the classroom as well as five other adults in the school and kill -- six other adults in the school and killed himself. we are continuing to get information on this and putting it together. >>neil: thank you. it is 60 miles east of fork city, in fairfax county, one of the richest counties in new york. it looks like something out of
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reader's digest. a community as immunity would seem to violence as any community in america. but today front and center the latest act of violence in america, the shooting, today, are the second biggest attack on an american educational institution since virginia tech in 2007 when 32 were killed. former homicide detective, rod, what do you make of this? >> what i can tell you and the viewers is what the police are doing. what we would do if an investigation, horrific investigation like this, trying to figure out what was the motive behind this suspect's actions. why the children? that is the question. the other question as investigators, where did he get
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the weapons in we will find that out the next day or two. where did he get the ammunition? why did he target this school? this is a very fluid investigation and there are several agencies right new. i got off the phone with the contact in connecticut that tells me that the forensic laboratory has been called in. there are several agencies investigating this case right now and we are trying to find out why this school, why this suspect, and what the correlation is between this guy and the school. we know his mother worked at the school but what about the other people. also, whether or not there are more victims. that has not been said whether they may or may not find other victims. so they are interviewing family members of the suspect and they are also beginning out with search warrants right now as i speak into areas which we know this guy has been just to make sure there are no other victims.
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>>neil: when they go and treat the school as a crime scene, what are they looking for? >>guest: what they are looking for specifically, an excellent question, what type of question does this guy use? what time of ammunition did he use? did he target any of the children or the adults specifically? a lost times in these situations an individual will start out with one target and he will wine up if he has the appear in addition shooting several people we trying to find out if he targets one. somebody or something ignited this guy. either today or yesterday. it seems like someone ignited this guy yesterday because it seemed like it was a mapped shooting but when i talk to my sources he was ready. i am not sure if he had this planned out or was this a respond attendous event? those are the questions we are
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trying to find out right now. >> you know, his brother, ryan, who was originally identified as the shooter maybe because adam had something indicating he was ryan on him, but, that brother is now in police custody in new jersey. what are authorities trying to get out of him if he were not an accomplice, what are they trying to learn? >> it is not unusual for family members to be thought as being a person that committed an act when another family member did it. that happens often. the rope the police are talking to his brother is because those people that are close to the shooter, the closest to the shooter, whether he had a girlfriend, other family members, his brother, cousins, those are the folks that they will get information from and they trying to get as much information as they can as fast as they can. keep in mind, we still don't
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know if there are other victims out there so this will we interview everyone and anyone associated with this shooter, we won't have those answers. over the next hopefully 12 to 24 hours we will have more answers coming forward. >>neil: is that why you don't remove bodies from a crime scene? >>guest: you are right. we don't. now adays, i have been if law enforcement a long-term we used to remove bodies quicker. there is no need to remove quickly if there are no survivors because of forensics, we get better information if we leave the bodies there and let the experts come in. >> what a horrid crime scene. when you step back and lock at this and we will go in more details with psychologists and folks like that, people talk about the pick up if violence whether it is the shopping mall a couple of days ago or at the
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theater in aurora or columbine before that, and just not in america we have seen shootings, horrible shootings in scandinavia and republic of georgia, in fact, in scandinavia, 50. what i am asking, what the heck is going on? >>guest: well, here is the reality. law enforcement know that the situations appear to be increasing and there are a number of reasons. i will leave that to the viewers decide why they thing they are increasing. i am here in minnesota today teaching a court just this morning on actions of children in a school system because we realize just today i was speaking when one of the students said there is a shooting going on in connecticut. i am not surprised. we as a nation, we have to come up with a policy that addresses
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the membership tall ill, not the guns but the mental millness and get to the bottom of it. how long have we been talking about there? for years. we know this is a reality. we have to deal with it. >>neil: we have to stop meeting like this but thank you for your expertise. now a psychologist, doctor, why so much of there and why we are seeing more this or appear to. are we? >>guest: it sure seems like it. this is as bad as it gets. the children, my office this morning has been overwhelm by calls from parents in los angeles traumaized by this because we all identify with the kids. when you look at the numbers, i have to say it is so many factors. you have the breakdown of values. you have the breakdown of
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structures that held us together. morally, spiritually, too many factors to talk about. the officers' point was important, when people are more educated about what to look for in the mentally ill and those who have dark likes where you see the clues which will probably emerge, the more awareness everyone gets, we can all be helped by that. >>neil: why kids, doctor, when these incidents happen? most these were kindergarteners. >>guest: we were talking about that all morning. in some ways it is one of those unanswerables. you can always see a path. there is mental illness that can cause things like this. there is horrible life stories but the reality is not everyone who is mentally ill commits an
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act like this. not everyone abused as a child does this. this is a line of the heart or the soul or their spirit that some people go one way and others go the other. the big thing is we do know the great themes of isolation and powerlessness in individuals' likes sow this and we do as past we can in spotting that and trying to end them. if something looks year, call someone. >> doctor, thank you very much. >> on the day you cannot make sense of stuff, many of the kindergarteners and other young kids who were killed in the tragedy were participating in the school's annual holiday christmas performance and they are all dead.
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>>neil: we are getting word of a horrendous school shooting and you her the alleged shooter's mother and father were killed. the father could be very much alive. we will keep you posted. we want to let you know in 30 minutes cut account law enforcement officials are going to update the media on the latest. we know at this point of 27 dead in connecticut, 18 children, largely kindergarteners killed. two additional children were transported to danbury hospital later pronounced dead. sex adults including the school's principal dead at the scene. the shooter is dead, as well. separately, an adult dead. that is, the assailant's mother
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is dead but, again, the reports that the father had been killed in new jersey may not be accurate. reports are that the father is much alive. now stepping back to get a sense from former city mayor giuliani. mayor, so much to put together. >>guest: this is horrendous and something it is hard to keep your emotions in check. all of us who are parents, a nightmare you live through, a quiet community, semi rural community, near the federal prison that i know well, danbury prison. this has to be a total complete traumatic blow to the community. you will not get easy answers, there are in easy answers. anyone who tries to present easy 18s is ignoring the problem and to examine why it happened, is it happening more frequently,
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can we reduce it? everyone has to be on the table, you cannot be an advocate or one social view or political view or the other. is life deep in the human personality, the factors that indicate this, science has not figured out yet, we cannot predict this, you cannot see it with any kind of certitude but we have to look at if there are better ways to protect predict it and better ways to school the schools. he walked in at least in one case with a large weapon. how did that happen? can you secure against this in what do we do about weapons? we should have a nonpolitical humble discussion. >>neil: i hear you. >>guest: everything should be on the table and everyone should have some humility that they don't have the antis. >>neil: what about, remember after columbine they put metal
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detectors in a lot of schools. we still had shooting. but it didn't stop virginia tech. >>guest: here is the truth. you could have had perfect security for the school and the children would be alive. but another group of children would be dead. a personality like this, it seems to me, will kill. if it 90 the kids in the school, it could be someone else. there are a lot of factors so there is not a simple solution and you cannot say just secure the schools. then it will happen in a shopping center. you cannot say, it is guns. more people got skilled in scandinavia, the tightest gun laws. it is not just human behavior because we cannot predict human behavior. what i would like to see is for this country to discuss all of this with everyone laying aside their prejudice and what they are committed to the most and
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having humility. >>neil: if metal detectors if someone is going to kill a lot of people and that is their intent they will go through that. >>guest: there are better answers. there are approaches to this and if all of us realize the enormity of this, the way we did september 11th where everyone put aside their usual political ideas and tried to seek a better answer, maybe we can reduce this. finally, our hearts have to go out to the parents. these people being dealt a blow no one should have to go to. >>neil: nobody. begin.
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>> this is in new jersey, where
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there is some added entry here, the home of ryan lanza he is the 24-year-old older brother adam lanza who is the man reportedly behind the shootings who, well, is not dead. either killed himself or was killed by authorities. but they trying to find out what they can, not only from ryan lanza himself, what he might know about his brother, or whether there would be anything to incriminate either ryan or his brother at that locale. trace has the very latest. trace? >> let me point you to the picture on the screen. now we are told that the father reportedly was said to be killed inside the house and now authorities saying, no, the father is alive but there is someone who was shot and killed inside that house but ryan lanza would was thought to be the original shooter is very much alive. even authorities admitted they
1:26 pm
were confused but now they have said what happened is, they switched the names. in fact, 20-year-old adam lanza is the shooter. now, someone was killed in new jersey. we know that. and the mother was shot and killed if her home in newtown, connecticut, a teacher at the school. she was shot and killed and there are reports that the weapons that were used in the school shooting were registered to the mother. police say that is when the 20-year old adam lanza want to the school, some witnesses say he may or may not be developmentally disabled and went to the school and was buzzed in the front door. the school was on lockdown. he was buzzed in with these weapons and he walked in the office and opened fire going after the principal. and the psychologist. and others in that office. it was during morning announcements so what happened while the announcements were being made the rest of the school, the students and the teachers could hear the violence
1:27 pm
and shots over the school intercom and the shooter went to a classroom and opened fire targeting the kids. we know the death toll is department children and sex adults. the shooter then turned the gun on himself the they have not said why the students may have been targeted and they do not know what the exact breakdown is, the numbers are confusing in the early going but we have gotten to the bottom of the shooter being 20-year-old adam lanza. ryan is being questioned. we do not know the father is involved in this at all but he is alive. someone is dead in hoboken, new jersey, and now we hear the girlfriend of ryan lanza is missing to add another twist to this. >>neil: thank you, trace. also, correcting something i said earlier, there were semi automatic weapons found at the
1:28 pm
scene, not automatic weapons. that was high dad and they wrote it that way and i said automatic but they were semi-automatic weapons so my apologies. what do we make of that? >>guest: it is a very common misnomer because the semi-automatics are so fast we are cutting hairs. we are talking about two assault rifles, bra -- brutal weapons. he was loaded for mass killing. he was very successful. >>neil: this was clearly in your eyes premeditateed, preexamined, prein the out. >>guest: well-thought-out to make certain he had the bullet-proof vest on, on the outside chance as we talked at the homicide in the mall in
1:29 pm
oregon, that one could be armed that could shoot at him the he wanted to protect himself so he could finish this bizarre twisted mission. that is serious weapons he brought in. >>neil: in some of the school incidents i will take virginia tech out of it, and college kids, but in these incidents and not even in the united states but it happened abroad where there are very tough gun laws and why want to get if that debate, but, why kids in why target kids? >>guest: i talked to the mayor, the same thing came up and he brought up a great point. there is just, speculation, that such extraordinary suggestibility that is bombarding them every second with the way society has evolved in the last 15 years in temperatures of the medicinia, that maybe it has diminish the or minimized it, the violence, where it is almost like a video
1:30 pm
game. i theorize that. i am in this business 30 years and my very strong conviction, it is might their stuff. >>neil: he wiped out almost an entire class at a minimum reportedly these were students of his mother. >>guest: correct. >>neil: what do you do to prevent that in the future? when we covered the mall shooting, you said maybe we arm the security guards. what do you do in school? >>guest: we bring school security at five elementary schools, 50 miles from here. a middle school. also, one high school. we took over this assignment we changed the fans. we put in nypd police captain in charge and all armed ex-nypd here. the interesting thing is the
1:31 pm
problems are generally at the schools at the elementary school because of custody cases and biological parents and that is where the crowe will door. they had a protocol in place a buzzer, visitor buzzing in system. that doesn't work. >>neil: but if someone is intent and you just go in there with guns blazing nothing will have a short lasting effect. >>guest: i agree. the fact is those are gigantic rifles. they came in the building, one guy, with two very large rifles. you can hide the handguns. it could have been stopped by the appropriate security. forget the metal detector, someone who is armed and trained with the experience to stop them dead in his tracks, let him go to the maker and little the kindergarten kids go to milk and cookies.
1:32 pm
>>neil: thank you very much. we do know that 20 children are not going to go for milk and cookies. are not going to eneye christmas. their families are not, either. for a town that was part of a community as rich as all get out, in a county among the most prized in the nation, it happened. again. we are waiting to hear from local authorities how it went down. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: a tentative timeline on today's horrific events in connecticut are to be believed it all started with the shooter having a major beef mother and killing her. we go to sandy hook, connecticut, where molly has more on that part of the story that triggered the rest of the developments. molly? >>reporter: yes, we are at a secondary crime scene. the school is where most of the activity throughout the day has occurred. this is the area where the mother lived, nancy is believed to be a victim, that died in the horrific slew of activity. this is upper middle-class neighbor a quiet neighborhood, particularly today. they still have the street
1:37 pm
secured. no one is allowed to get down to the home where the scene is. there is, that is where one of the bodies was found, a body has been found at this location and authorities are not saying who it is, but officials are saying that nancy has passed away throughout the course of the day. >>neil: molly line, thank you very much. and peggy's daughter, marjorie, survived column bin shooting that electrified the nation, our first large awakening of large-scale violence at a school. peggy, how are you doing? >>guest: well, this is a real hard day for us, our hearts are broken for these people. they were just babies. >>neil: your daughter survived the columnbine shooting. >>guest: she struggles to this
1:38 pm
day. it was terrible for our family and a lot of those kids although they were older did not survive well. my own daughter dropped out of high school after that. >>neil: how old was she? >>guest: she was 16. >>neil: now, a lot of the victims, many of the victims were kindergarteners so that makes them five or six. some were older, we understand. we do nut have a break down. different for them? what do you think...your daughter's experience, what are their family members have to lack out for? >>guest: well, they have a long road ahead of them and they should seek help for their own selves and their children as soon as possible because i know from my own situation, i didn't realize it would be such a long road. the real nightmare is after all
1:39 pm
the dust settles. my child had nightmares, flashbacks, her best friend killed herself, there was a lot of tragedy after the columbine shooting and when there is a shooting we hear in littleton, it all comes back. >>neil: how is she doing now? >>guest: she is able to it is in a classroom but it took many years. many years. she is very affected today by all of this. >>neil: amazing. thank you very much. you can just imagine all the parents who are going to go through that, parents of much young are children, more impressionable children, children who should not be seeing anything like this at this time of career no less, to former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. i will try to tap the reacher in you the man of god in you who
1:40 pm
can help us with this. >>governor huckabee: there is no human rationale or explanation the i was governor in 1998 on march 31 when the jones bother school shootings happened and it is one those days i start reliving all over again today. when i hear that mother talk one of the things people will not fully comprehend every television camera in the world will descend upon newtown, connecticut, over the weekend and the next several days and they will all leave and cover something else. all these people will still have the scars, emotionally and many them physically, if years to come. right now, what is very harmful is so much attention but so little valid information. it was so frustrating to me and other officials because so many people were speculating what
1:41 pm
happened, who did it, why did they do it, and we don't know those things. i do believe that one of the most important things to do at this point is to take it very, very calmly, and slowly, but the biggest aftermath of something like this, people are going to look for, okay, why did it happen? the answer is inexplicable. what do we do to stop it in you can take certain measures and i think your previous guest had a lot of great ideas which is very important. ultimately you can take every gun away in america can someone will use a bomb when someone has an intent to do incredible damage they will find a way. in the case of jonesboro, an 11 and 12-year-old kids who gunned down their classmates and teachers after they had got them in a school yard by setting off
1:42 pm
a fire alarm where they were trapped in a fenced area and could not get back in. they were sitting ducks. the question, how can an 11 and telephone-year-old do this? no one can understand how that can happen and people will want to pass new laws but unless you change people's hearts or transition to the pastor side, this is a heart issue. laws don't change this. >>neil: people ask after tragedies like this, how could god let this happen. >>guest: it is an interesting thing. we ask why there is violence in our schools but we remove god from our schools. should we be so surprised schools would become a place of can -- carnage? we make it a place where we do not want to talk about life and what responsibility means,
1:43 pm
accountability, we will not just be accountable for the police but we stand one day before a holy god in judgment. if we don't believe that, we don't fear that. when people say, why did god let it happen, god wasn't armed. he didn't go to the school. god will be there in the form of a lot people with hugs and therapy and a lot of ways in which he will be involved in the aftermath. maybe we ought to let him in on the front end and we would not have to call him to show up when all is said and done at the back end. >>neil: we are state waiting to hear from authorities on the scene, the very latest news on the tragedy that now ranks second to the virginia tech killings back five years ago, 32 were dead then. 27 dead today.
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>>neil: the police updating us on the latest must bees and details on the tragic shootings. a former detective security expert joining us on the phone, detective, what do you look for at this crime scene? if you went to the school, what would you look for? >> you are looking for everything. you want to be careful not to disturb the crime scene. that will be a crime scene for hours, days, and maybe weeks. you are looking for the point of entry. ammunition. weapons. whether there were notes or communications at the scene. the barrier. placement of the bodies. everything you can find on a crime seen. >>neil: when we have a scene
1:48 pm
with so many killed and we know that the shooter was armed for bear with a number of semi-automatic weapons and he came with the intent to take out a lot of people, with these weapons it does not take a lot time to do that. >>guest: it doesn't. the other thing that is clear to me, this was a well-thought-out, planned attack, an ambush, by this kid. he had a bullet roof vest on. he had the ammunition. he had the armor, everything to ambush the poor innocent children and that tells me he had planned this for a long-term, no question. >> i asked this earlier and i wasn't trying to be flippant why in so many school shootings particularly those involved to very young children, in this case kindergarteners, why
1:49 pm
children? the most innocent among us in essence who is more defenseless than children? i have been if law enforcement investigation if 35 years, plus. there is no group, children just cannot defend themselves. unfortunately, we have bullies, people like this kid, who go out here and take full advantage of that. >>neil: these incidents are getting to be too frequent and many will argue it is not just in america but everywhere. is there something to that? either we are desensitized society or those who take it to this level, this bizarre and provide length level, a pattern? >>guest: that is the question. i did an interview on the shooting of the theater, the
1:50 pm
joker, the give with the red hair, unfortunately, there is someone, and place, planning something similar if not bigger and better. unfortunately, it is a fact, someone is sitting somewhere right new planning something better and bigger than this. >>neil: amazing, but, actually, i think you are right. detective, thank you very much. we will try to put this together. the local authorities are on the scene in connecticut and the community that now has a historic mark on it after this. dry mouth may start off as an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays
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>> neil: all right. we're waiting for authorities in newtown, connecticut, to update us on what they know and what they can possibly
1:54 pm
tell us. rick leventhal there with the latest as well. rick? >> reporter: neil, as you said, we're waiting for update from the connecticut state police, regarding any additional information they can give us about the horrific shooting that happened earlier today at the sandy hook elementary school in sandy hook, which is in newtown, connecticut. confirmed 26 people were found dead inside that school. were killed in that shooting. 18 children dead in the school. two died at the hospital. six adults found dead inside the school, including the shooter who we are told now bywt sources is 20-year-old adam lanza. initially people identified the shooter as 24-year-old ryan lanza. that is adam's brother. apparently, adam may have been carrying ryan's i.d. and that's why there was confusion initially. we're told that the shooter was adam. his brother is now being questioned by authorities in
1:55 pm
hoboken, new jersey. we're told adam's mother was killed and a body was found inside the parent's home in newtown, connecticut. it's unclear who that body is. there were reports that the father had been killed but we can't confirm that. a swat team went to the house to execute a search warrant. they went through the door and then they immediately backed out because of concerns about possible boobbytrap. they sent in a robot and the robot identified a body inside the house. crime scene ongoing, and investigation is ongoing. they're still continuing to try to recover the fred that home. still at that school, neil, because the bodies are inside. a lot has to be processed, photographs, diagrams made before they begin removing bodies from the school. >> neil: if you could hang on, we are getting word from the white house that the president canceled the planned trip wednesday to portland,
1:56 pm
maine. no doubt in light of the developments. on what authority are looking for? they know the shooter. they know he is apparently first went after his mother. he knew enough at the school to target presumably her class. i see it's beginning. i see it's beginning. >> i would like to give you an update, briefing on some additional details. hopefully you can answer some of the questions that you may have. again, as i stated before. this is angoing criminal investigation. we are limited as to some of the details we can give out to you for of course reasons. first, let it be stated that i told you the number of
1:57 pm
deceased in the building at the hospital, secondary crime scene. it's the policy and protocol we have to establish positive identification of those victims. that is a time consuming process and something that will take time. the medical examiner arrived at the scene. thigh will expedite that and get that done as quickly as possible. the families have been assigned a trooper and officer in communication. that was done to ensure the families they have constant communication with thegoing investigation. and they won't have to sit and watch television news or anything else. they will be the first to know. any of the progress made as the investigation continues on. has i sated earlier, the assets utilized when the call came in, the newtown police department called for help, with local agencies and the officers and the police off duty and on duty troopers to
1:58 pm
respond so it can immediately gain asset to that beginning to begin the search process i alluded to before. we had the tactical team, we had trooper 1 in the air. probably keep your helicopters away frankly. we had every possible asset came out to this scene. the minute this alarm came in, this call came in to protect life and property. the community has been outstanding to support the effort. you have taken over the park. they are showing up an offering condolences. doing everything they can to support the victims, the families of the horrific tragedies. the f.b.i. crisis management team offered to respond and is going to respond through tomorrow for assisting in crisis management and assist with the families and the
1:59 pm
families members but the first responders, the police, fire, ems. working what i described as a horrific and difficult scene. local mental health crisis intervention team had been on scene. had been here all of today working and assisting and hel helping. i want to make it clear, 18 children were pronounced dead at the scene. two children were transported to area hospital or pronounced dead at the hospital. six adults pronounced dead at the scene. also the shooter was also pronounced dead at the scene. i don't have much more detail about the secondary scene but there is a related scene that we discovered as we continue the criminal investigation; specifically, investigating the shooter. you probably saw and someone asked about the bomb squad. yes, we brought all of our assets in in case they were


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